Sunday, June 27, 2010

Relaxing weekend!

Hmm today is Sunday...and I have relaxing weekend. Yesterday I had a date with my best friend, Syikin!! We went to TGV at KLCC for watching Sex and The City! At first, she want to watch Prince and the Persia but the showing time is too late for us, it is 6:15PM! So we decided to watch SNTC. The movie is nice but not suitable to the children..hihihi. Why? Hey, thru the movie's title you already know right..;P

Today..after wake up in the morning, then again..just watching television, reading magazine, facebooking, make up my room and..guess what? I went to Perodua, hehe. My fiancee asked me to go just to survey the price and get the brochure. I only have two choice, Myvi or Viva? Which one better? Or cource Myvi! Yeah that's my choice actually. Let me discuss with my father first..;-) fiancee's birthday is coming soon! I think it is better for me now to prepare his gift.. What it is? no no no.. i can't tell here..he will open my blog and the secret will bocor! I dun want..hihihi. Ok guys...see ya!


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